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  • BRIAN T. / Columbus, Ohio
  • CHARLOTTE C. / Columbus, Ohio
  • LETHA B. / Columbus, Ohio
  • ROSETTA R.  / Columbus, Ohio
  • RANDY M. / Columbus, Ohio
  • LARRY R. / Columbus, Ohio
  • EDWARD F. / Columbus, Ohio
  • EDDIE J. / Columbus, Ohio
  • GARY E. / Columbus, Ohio
  • YESOLDE N. / Columbus, Ohio
  • MARGARET V. / Columbus, Ohio
  • LINDA F. / Columbus, Ohio
  • CAROLYN W./ Columbus, Ohio
  • TRACY N. / Columbus, Ohio
  • ANGELA S. / Columbus, Ohio
  • KIMBERLY M. / Columbus, Ohio
  • ANA V. / Columbus, Ohio
  • PAULA M. / Columbus, Ohio
  • JOANN D. / Columbus, Ohio
  • KEN C. / Columbus, Ohio
  • WILLIAM V. / Columbus, Ohio
  • THELMA W./ Columbus, Ohio
  • MICHAEL F. / Columbus, Ohio
  • ROY W. / Columbus, Ohio
  • KATHY S. / Columbus, Ohio
  • SUSAN D. / Columbus, Ohio
  • GEORGE H. / Columbus, Ohio
  • BARBARA C. / Columbus, Ohio
  • CELIE S. / Columbus, Ohio
  • BARBARA “MICKEY” C. / Columbus, Ohio
  • CONSUELO S. / Columbus, Ohio
  • MICHAEL W. / Columbus, Ohio
  • JESSIE S. / Columbus, Ohio
  • CHARLES L. / Columbus, Ohio
  • MICHAEL G. / Columbus, Ohio
  • LLOYD L. / Columbus, Ohio
  • JERRY S. / Columbus, Ohio
  • LONESTA B. / Columbus, Ohio
  • DAVID V. / Columbus, Ohio
  • ROBERT B. / Columbus, Ohio
  • HELEN P. / Columbus, Ohio

Brian T“I came to Summit’s Trace Assisted Living on September 1, 2016. The Director of Assisted Living and the Nurse Liaison worked very hard to get me here. From the second I got here the staff has been amazing. The food here is better than where I came from and maintenance work requests are solved quickly without issue. A couple of us have started a card club at night now that has grown to several residents.”-  Brian T.

Charlotte C“I have loved my stay here. I always stay active here.” –  Charlotte C. 

Letha B“I have lived here a couple years and really enjoy it. The staff is very friendly and takes good care of me.” –  Letha B. 

Rosetta R“I’ve been at Summit’s Trace for four months now. I have really enjoyed my stay. The therapy program has helped me a lot. The aides and nurses have always been there to solve any needs I may have. The activities have always entertained me. Dr. Pongonis and his N.P. have taken good care of me.” –  Rosetta R. 

Randy M“Due to many different illnesses and multiple hospitalizations, Summit’s Trace was the ideal solution for me. The rehab unit – from the nurse manager, to the nurses, to the aides and housekeepers – they all took excellent care of me. The physical therapy department is one of the best in Franklin County. I really feel they went above and beyond in providing me outstanding care.

Due to many reasons, I made a decision to give up my own apartment and from the rehab unit, I made the transition to Summit Trace’s Assisted Living. Jefferson and Carol made this move effortless and my family and I could not be happier. I feel safe, cared for and at home.”-  Randy M.

Larry R“I came to Summit’s Trace Assisted Living in October 2016. The food here is really good and the staff is very friendly. After a recent hospital stay I needed therapy and physical therapy restored me back to health. I have made new friends since moving in.” –  Larry R.

Edward F“Very clean and everyone is very friendly. The food is good with balanced diet.” –  Edward F.

Eddie Jones

“I got five-star treatment and I am so glad I made the decision to come to Summit’s for my recovery.  The attention and care I received was the reason for my quick recovery.” – Eddie J. 

Gary E“I am very happy with the care here at Summit’s Trace. The food is very good. And the staff is very friendly.”-  Gary E.

Yesolde N“The staff at Summit’s Trace Assisted Living is amazing. They always solve any problem. I have a lot of friends that I do activities with daily. The outings are fun, as well.”-  Yesolde N. 

Margaret V“I have been at Summit’s Trace Assisted Living for over a year. I really like the staff here. The food is pretty good. The rehab team is very special. The PCP is a very nice guy.”-  Margaret V.

Linda F“The staff is great, they respect you and you get what you need pretty quick. I really like it here.”-  Linda F.

Carolyn W“I’ve been here for 1 1/2 years, and I really like it here. The staff is friendly and they take good care of me.”-  Carolyn W.

Tracy N” I came to Summit’s Trace to get therapy for my back and legs. I have been to other places but the atmosphere here is totally different. It’s more of a friendly place and it doesn’t feel like you’re confined. The staff is very helpful in every way. They go beyond their duties to make sure your needs are met. It’s a very clean and comfortable place to do your rehab. The only thing bad about Summit’s Trace will be if you refuse to come!” –  Tracy N. 

Angela S“The staff here is very caring and efficient. Therapy is very fun too.” –  Angela S.

Kimberly M“Everyone is very friendly and full of love here. The staff cares about me. I just love this place from the bottom of my heart and soul.” – Kimberly M. 

“The therapists do a good job and are friendly. The aides and nurses are nice. The staff takes good care of me. It is a good place to be.” – Ana V.  

STtestimonial“This is my second time here at Summits Trace, each time I come here I get better and better to return home. This time my stay was shorter, due to working really hard with the nice people in Therapy. I am returning home to my senior housing, Mt Vernon Plaza. I have had a good experience here and hope to come back and visit all the new friends I have made.” – Paula M.  

“Everybody was good to me. Everyone was willing to help me help myself to become more independent so I can do for myself. Because in the past 4 years, I think I made it only to the grocery store one time. Thanks Summit’s Trace.” – Joann D. 

“My stay here at Summit’s Trace was very nice including the staff.” – Ken C.

“My background for the past 20+ years has been in the field of education. I have crossed paths with hundreds of persons, including teachers, administrators, maintenance workers and, of course, parents. The one characteristic that I always thought made the day much more positive and enjoyable was a big smile and a warm ‘how are you today?’ The one person who has consistently provided me with this simple, yet day-changing magic is Darlene Russell. Darlene has never failed in providing me with this daily gift. She is always there to brighten my day and let me know that what she gives me is genuine and heartfelt! I can honestly say that my day would be much darker without her daily and heartfelt smile.” – William V.

Thelma W“Very nice people here. They took me in two times when I had no other place to go. They treat my family with kindness too.” – Thelma W.

“It’s quiet. It will be two years in October that I have lived here. I really like the staff on Unit J. The food is really good especially when they grill out.” – Michael F.

“I am very pleased with the care here at Summit’s Trace. The food here is good. The people are very nice and cooperative. Therapy is great!” – Roy W. 

Kathy S“My stay here in the facility was very good. The staff took great care of me while I was here. My meals were great and my rooms were kept clean and fresh. My family was able to visit with me comfortably. Thank you for taking care of me and letting me know that I’m able to return when and if it would be necessary. Thank you!” – Kathy S. 

“I’ve been very happy with the staff and therapy here at Summit’s Trace. I’ve met a lot of new people.” – Susan D. 

George H“When I come up here, I become a lot better. The food and housing are a lot better. The food is hot. The staff is friendly.”– George H.

Barbara C“I really love it here and I’m not just saying that. I like the people and I like my room. Since I can’t be at home, I like being here. I like that I can see my brother and see that he is doing ok. They take very good care of him and he is very happy here too.” –  Barbara C.

“I’ve been at Summit’s Trace Assisted Living for over six years. The staff is very friendly. I have made a lot of friends at the activities that they offer. I really enjoy the food – my favorite is the coffee.” –  Celie S. 

Barbara C“I’ve been here five years, and in that time, I’ve been well cared for. The staff is very cooperative and very caring and willing to go out of their way to see that you are cared for and comfortable. Even the maintenance staff will go out of their way to help you. The food is better than most facilities that I’ve been to.” –  Barbara “Mickey” C.

Consuelo S“I have been here at Summit’s Trace for two months and it has been the best time for me. The people here are great, the staff is great also and helpful too. So happy to be here.” –  Consuelo S.

Michael W“Summit’s Trace has super friendly staff. The food is a big improvement from where I came from. The other residents are very friendly as well.” –  Michael W.

Jessie S“This is a good place to be. They take care of me and my medications. The food is great everyday, every meal.” –  Jessie S.

Charles L“Good people work here, they take good care of me. I get all my medicine on time.” –  Charles L.

Michael G“The staff is very lovely and very caring and sensitive to your needs. You are always greeted with a lovely smile and a good morning and they’re always willing to listen to your problems, which is very helpful to me. All of my aides were very great and terrific and they always seemed to know when I needed something, even if it was to cry on their shoulders. Therapy was very helpful and motivating and fun to be there. They always greet you with a smile and help you do more than you thought that you could. I could never say enough about all the staff” – Michael G.

Lloyd L“I have good aides, they are nice and polite, smiling faces. I also have a good nurse.” – Lloyd L.

Jerry S“I like this place, very well run. All staff have done an excellent job. The food is top notch! If you ask for something, you get it right away with a smile. I encourage if anyone needs to come to a nursing rehab facility, to come here.” – Jerry S. 

Lonesta B“I love Summit’s Trace Assisted Living. I’ve been here for years. The food here is great. I really like the other residents and the activity program.” – Lonesta B.

David V.“I am a resident at Summit’s Trace. I started off in Assisted Living. When I got sick, the therapy team really worked hard to get me back on my feet. The staff here has been very accommodating. They work with you and not against you. We work as a team to accomplish goals. I wish I would’ve known about Summit’s Trace sooner.” – David V. 

Robert B“The staff was kind, caring and professional.  Physical therapy was very helpful and well focused.” – Robert B.  

Helen P“Everybody in the place was good to me.” – Helen P.